Posted on 02 Jul 2014

Ay up!

Big news alert! We have finally left the recording studio and we are pleased to say that we have completed our second EP. To our ears, it sounds pretty damn good. Seriously though, we are very proud of it and we cannot wait for you to get it in your ear ‘oles.

We had some help along the way too, most notably from Rich Collins from Snug Studios who recorded and mixed everything for us. We also got help from the Scriblettes too, who contributed some angelic vocals over the top of some of the songs too. Major shout outs to Ben Walker, Ben Farmer, Ewelina Borkowska, Kristen Goodall, Tim Harnor and Joe Atom. They all contributed to some gang vocals and in my opinion have really taken those songs up a notch. 

You can see everyone in action in the link below (filmed by the sexy Ben Farmer):

So what’s next I hear you ask? Well, I can’t hear you actually asking but it’s a turn of phrase OK?

I digress. But we do have some exciting things to look forward to over the next few weeks and months. The main thing we are looking forward to is definitely supporting Andrew WK. 

What? We’re supporting Andrew WK..? Why haven’t you been banging on about this much much more?! 

The answer is, we are playing the same bill as Andrew WK. At Y Not Festival!

Yes, we are playing at Y Not Festival this year and we are quaking with nerves and excitement. Since we started Scribble, we both said we wanted to play a festival and Y Not was one that kept cropping up as a ‘one to play,’ so we are over the moon that we have been asked to do it. 

We will be playing the Sunday on the Hog and Barrel stage alongside some other fantastic acoustic artists and some fantastic ciders, so it promises to be a thoroughly enjoyable weekend all in all.

We have a few more gigs lined up in the meantime too, so make sure your eyes are kept like oranges (peeled) and details will be available on our Facebook and Twitter.

Speak to you soon you lovely lot!