Y Not

Posted on 03 Sep 2014

A’reet ducks!

Now we have had time to recover from what was a truly amazing weekend, I thought it best to update you all on how it went. I’d just like to say, that Y Not is one of the best small to medium sized festivals going. Honestly, there is something going on all the time- you are spoilt for things to do, whether they be soaking yourself in a bewildering choice of beers and ciders, smashing into each other in bumper cars, roller disco-ing, helter skelter-ing, hula hooping, afternoon raving or chilling out with a lovely cup of tea.

Oh yeah, there were also some ruddy good bands too. Because that’s pretty much the point of a MUSIC festival right?

From Thursday to Sunday, we were treated to some of the best performances we have ever seen or been a part of. Staggering.

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It's not only that, there were so many people that wanted to chat and have a good time that made the festival for us. It was a gathering of old and new friends coming together for an awesome shared experience.

Highlights of the festival included Andrew WK, Tom Vek, Yuck, King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys, Baby Godzilla, De La Soul, Dizzee Rascal and so much more.

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It was the acoustic Hog and Barrel stage that shone a light onto the plethora of local talent that caught our eyes too. With people such as Grawl!x, Ben Farmer, Jamie Beau, Tom Peacock, The Herron Brothers and so many more all playing gorgeous sets, it was hard not to be mesmerised by this stage. It was also this stage that we played on.

Sunday came around all too quickly and I (Tom) had been enjoying myself far too much over the duration of the weekend. The deprivation of sleep, more than average alcohol intake and constant football chanting had well and truly taken it's toll. By this point, my voice was pretty much inaudible. 'It will be alright' I kept hearing. 'It will be alright' is what I told myself. Jamie's advice was to drink some herbal tea with honey just before we were about to go on. It was too little too late...

BUT, you know what? The set actually went really well. Obviously it was only Jamie that could sing, but we both put our all into it and we played our little hearts out. The audience was incredible too, they were very receptive and I think they enjoyed it as much as we did. All in all, it was a fun afternoon and it has only made us want to play more festivals in the future.

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So kids, always remember to have fun, but lets have safe fun yeah?! And make sure if you haven't already, go to Y Not festival 2015. You won't regret it.

Anyway, on other notes, we have more gigs coming up, more news of the impending EP and plenty of other bits to keep us occupied. Keep up to date on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Smell ya Later!